Not just any body, your body.

In life, one size does not fit all. Your body tells a very unique story. You’ve given birth, played sports, walked thousands of miles, worked and experienced life. Your body is a reflection of that. We believe gaining a greater understanding of your unique body is the key to helping you get the fitness results you want.

BodyElevated is developing a fitness app that utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to give you a hyper-personalized fitness program based on your unique body signature. We’re very excited about the possibilities of utilizing this new data to help you get to know your body better!

BodyElevated was founded in 2018 by Naeemah Brown, Greg Barthelemy and Rob Monroe. The idea for BodyElevated was birthed by Naeemah while working as a Regional Fitness Director and Certified Trainer. She saw that her clients would start out enthusiastically, sometimes make progress, then stop exercising. She also realized that people with different bodies and levels of physical fitness were being trained the same way. We’re on a mission to change that.

Our Team


Naeemah A.S. Brown, Co-Founder & CEO

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Greg Barthelemy, Co-Founder & Director of Fitness

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Rob Monroe, Co-Founder & Director of Marketing

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Chinyere William Udoh, Technology Advisor

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Herbert L. Samuels, Healthtech Industry & Technology Advisor