One is a Powerful Number

One is a number that we have come to associate with elevated value. If something is one of a kind or the only one we have, then it is put in a place of high value. As a result, we increase the cost associated with someone acquiring it or the level of care we take when handling it. For example, we protect our family heirlooms, because they cannot be replaced. We will invest a significant amount of time and treasure trying to acquire that one of a kind piece of art painted by Jean-Michael Basquiat.   When it comes to the material, we understand the value of “One”.   

One is the number of bodies that we get to live and fulfill our purpose. The human body is made up of a multitude of muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons, soft tissue and more. This multitude of components and the internal and external forces that act upon it, throughout our lives, create a context for innumerable variations and dysfunctions of that one body. The question is do the present services we choose to use to care for ourselves meet the standards we would expect to preserve a 110 million dollar Basquiat? I would say not yet, but the industry is waking up. 

The Digital Fitness Market has experienced 330% growth over the last three years and predicts 42.6 Million Fitness App Users by the year 2022*, it is a largely preferred choice for many looking to get results and preserve themselves now and through the future. Therefore, solutions must be innovative to capture data of all kinds for the customization of health and fitness solutions for each individual. The current general fitness level or body type approach will disappear, as people become more discerning of the needs specific to their own bodies. People want results for their own body and desire education specific for their own needs. They understand we only get One.  

Software coupled with wearables are hard-at-work collecting diverse data sets, however, the future holds increased capabilities and conveniences of AI, ML, AR and the like. BodyElevated Inc. is in the trenches developing technology to care for the One! Not Just Any Body Your Body!


Naeemah Brown