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BodyElevated’s BodyUp! Exercise Program Launches!

We’ve created this special video from our Founder Naeemah Brown to give you an update on BodyElevated and share an EXCLUSIVE offer for all of you who’ve been supporting us on our journey. We’re super excited to bring this to you!


The BodyElevated Difference

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Your Body is The Key

Programs crafted for each individual integrate both scientific principles of exercise and appropriate application of those principles for the current and ever changing life condition of each person. Our modus operandi is “Not Just Anybody, Your Body”.

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Re-shaping is the Goal

Weight loss or weight gain are risky, undefined generalizations. BodyElevated defines success as re-shaping. Re-shaping is the achievement of specific body changes for each individual body based on aesthetic goals considering the parameters of genetic potential and current physical condition. The main goal is healthy alteration of body fat and muscle mass.

Change = Sustainability

Our fitness program follows the same process as the human body - change over time. As we age and experience life, our body goes through a great deal of involuntary change, as a result of the natural aging process, and voluntary change, due to impact on the body from injury or illness. Therefore, what we use to re-shape our bodies should adjust and change according to the current needs of our bodies. We don’t take a “one and done” approach.

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It All Matters

Backed by science, BodyElevated believes that a multitude of components such as nutrition, restoration, mental health and internal health all directly impact your ability to successfully achieve physical change. Therefore, we provide resources and referrals to critical components of the journey that undergird your exercise program.

Sound Training

BodyElevated utilizes tested and proven evidenced-based training principles to develop programs for each client. The health of our clients surpasses any short cut approach and in turn we provide long lasting solutions geared not for a season, but for a lifetime.


"My experience with the BodyElevated program is an extremely positive one. First, it was custom tailored to my specific goals, and health needs. Secondly, it pushed me beyond what I could have ever done on my own. Lastly, it has given me the motivation to continue a healthy lifestyle on a daily basis. This program is truly life changing."

Clark Higgins, BodyElevated Member

"I have known Greg now for several years and he is a pleasure to work with. He is very skilled at calibrating the workout to my abilities, always pushing me to do more but never too much. Instead of coming in with his own routine, he tailors the workout to me, and to my needs. For example, as I am very concerned with posture, he has designed the workout to include exercises that address posture. Working with him, I see results both in my body, and in my abilities in the gym. In addition, he is so pleasant to be with, that the time speeds by."

Rachel Davidson, BodyElevated Member


Only $50 for the first 25 members of our community (mailing list subscribers) who register. Then, this offer closes. We will be offering more exclusives to our community in the coming weeks. Please make sure to subscribe to our mailing list for future offers. Thank you supporting us on our entrepreneurial journey!

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